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3516C (50 Hz) with Upgradeable Package - Cashman Equipment

Producing reliable power from 2500 to 2750 kVA at 50 Hz, our 3516C diesel generator sets are made to meet your mission critical, continuous, standby and prime applications. We've designed each to ISO 8528-5 transient response requirements and to accept 100 per cent rated load in one step. The generator set offers both low fuel consumption and low emission systems.

E.T. Clancy Company! Buy or Sell your Asphalt Equipment!

Components. Aggregate Equipment. Concrete Plant Equipment. Hyway 35,000 gallon coiled asphalt tank" Good condition! Please give us a call. Wanted: Portable asphalt tanks. Please give us a call. Wanted: 300-400 TPH Portable Drum Mix Asphalt Plants.

New Asphalt Plant Equipment ... - Asphalt & Paving News

The system conveys hot-mix asphalt to storage silos and holds it for truck loadout. Meeker silos feature recessed wall liners to allow smooth surface from top to bottom of silo. Meeker drag slat conveyors use split return rollers, Ni-Hard cast floors, 6-inch pitch chain, electric or hot oil heat, and drag conveyors are constructed with a camber.

Driveway Grading- What Is The Proper Way To Grade A ...

Obviously, we want to minimize the cracking of a newly installed driveway as much as possible so grading the driveway and installing the asphalt, concrete or pavers flat, but also pitch it to one side or the other so the water will drain off is the right way to grade a long driveway.

Best Practices Handbook on Asphalt Pavement …

pavement distress manuals, one for use with concrete and the other for use with asphalt pavement. Small and spiral bound, the manuals are designed for easy use in the field. They identify low-, medium-, and high-severity levels of each pavement distress with photos. Distresses are categorized by their cause: environmental, traffic, or construction.

US5820257A - Asphalt plant having silo with dynamic input ...

Asphalt plant adapted for the batch production of asphalt mix containing recycle asphalt paving US5378060A (en) * : : , Inc. Combustion chamber having reduced NOX emissions US5383725A (en) * : : Cmi Corporation: Asphalt/dust/rubber processing equipment

New & Used Paving And Asphalt Equipment For Sale

PavingEquipment.com is the concrete and asphalt industries' go-to source for buying and selling new and used paving equipment and attachments. From compactors, cold planers, soil stabilizers, and pavers (both asphalt and concrete varieties), to mixer trucks, concrete pumps, dump trucks, and material transfer vehicles, this website is the ...

Asphalt Paving Machines: Screeds & Asphalt Pavers | ...

Asphalt Paving Machines offers a broad range of asphalt paving equipment that competes in the rubber tire, steel track and rubber belted markets. Pavers and windrow elevators provide versatile and reliable solutions to demanding paving …

Asphalt-Applied and Cold Application Built-Up Roofing ...

E. Good roofing procedure restricts the application of hot asphalt to a maximum of 6' (1.83 m) in front of the roll. F. When using mechanical felt laying equipment, be sure that all orifices are open. G All roofing ply felts should be well set into the hot asphalt utilizing a squeegee or some other device. H.

The Complete 7-Step Process for Asphalt Pavement Installation

The first step in the asphalt installation process is to remove the existing surface, whether it is asphalt, concrete or pavers. Demolition and removal is completed using heavy machinery, including small bobcats and forklifts and when necessary, front loaders and large dump trucks.

Heatec Thermo-Guard® Storage Tanks - Astec

Features. Thermo-Guard tanks provide a better mixing, heating and storage solution for PMAC (Polymer Modified Asphalt Cement) than competitive tanks. To achieve proper blending of PMAC, the asphalt is heated to temperatures higher than normal. So, insulation is more important than ever. And design of the mixing system is just as important.

Position referencing, measuring and paving method and ...

An asphalt paver is provided with a like profiler that measures smoothness of a fresh mat of asphalt laid by the paver. The profilers measure surf Position referencing, measuring and paving method and apparatus for a profiler and paver - Blaw-Knox Construction Equipment Corporation

Everything You Need To Know About Asphalt Paving

Municipal Asphalt Paving Case Study: Meier Road, Madison. Residential Asphalt Paving Case Study: Mr. Gallun's Driveway. New Installation. A new asphalt installation is a brand new start for your pavement. It will typically follow this process: Step 1: Demolition and Removal. It begins with removing whatever the existing surface is and ...

Driveway tips & information driveway installations ...

We help you select a driveway material from asphalt to concrete or even pervious material such as pavers. This site does not show you how to install driveways yourself. Unless you have a barn full of trucks and paving equipment in your back yard, it would not be …

Tar Kettles and Asphalt Roofing Equipment

Discount Tar Kettles & Asphalt Roofing Equipment . Our Tar Kettles and Tar Kettle Roofing Equipment from Roofmaster are built for the longest life and reliability. We have all type of hot tar asphalt roofing equipment including sprayers, material carts, mop carts, hot asphalt carriers / hot luggers, asphalt pour pots / tar buckets, moppers, mops and related commercial roofing equipment.


Asphalt fumes can be unpleasant for indoor plant workers as well. With the option of single or double mechanical seals, Viking can virtually eliminate fugitive emissions from asphalt pumps. Hot Mix Plants For many hot mix manufacturers, the paving season is short. When demand is high, they need to operate 24/7. Downtime must be kept to a minimum.

D'Ambra Equipment Concrete Equipment Specialists | Rocklin ...

D'Ambra Equipment is a full service equipment and parts supplier for the concrete and asphalt production industries. Portable paving plants are our specialty. ... Concrete Equipment Specialists Call us at 916-677-8900

Industrial Contractor & Demolition | Services of Denver

Asphalt Cutting img03Asphalt Cutting is implemented to make highly accurate cuts in asphalt surfaces. A highly experienced contractor will use a flat saw to expertly cut asphalt for the purposes of demolition, development, and other projects. From asphalt roads to driveways, asphalt over concrete and parking lot …

Asphalt Parking Lot Sealcoating and Driveway Sealcoating

The earlier an asphalt sealer can be applied in the life cycle of asphalt the better. Sealcoating Increases Pavement Service Life To reduce the effects of the above-mentioned elements, it is important to implement a maintenance program that utilizes sealcoating to extend the life of …


Asphalt, 25 mm thick Clay tiling, 13 mm thick Concrete slab (stone aggregate)* ‐‐‐ solid, 100 mm thick solid, 150 mm thick Galvanized steel floor deck (excl. topping) Magnesium oxychloride‐ normal (sawdust filler), 25 mm thick

How to Set Up a Portable Asphalt Plant | AsphaltPro …

There are four main steps in setting up a portable asphalt plant. Prepare the site; Erect the equipment; Install electrical cables and plumbing; and. Test and calibrate equipment. 1. Prepare the Site. After selecting the site location, take a few things into consideration before setting the plant.

Volleyball Court Construction | VolleyballUSA.com

Volleyball Court Construction Information for both Indoor and Outdoor Volleyball. Learn about what it takes to build a quality volleyball court in your backyard, city parks, or sports facilities. Call us for more information or help with constructing a volleyball court at 1-800-494-3933

Asphalt Engineering | Full-Service Paving Company | MA

Asphalt Engineering paves all driveways with road paving equipment leaving our customers with a much longer lasting product that can withstand more weight than the typical driveway. A typical install: Rip up and remove existing asphalt and sub-base (up to 12″ as needed, removing any large rocks, stumps, roots or unsuitable material)

Road Standards and Paving Standards - ASTM International

The types of paving covered by these standards are typically made of asphalt, concrete, and bituminous materials. These road and paving standards allow geotechnical engineering firms and construction companies to examine and evaluate paving materials to ensure strength and durability towards safe application and use.

Home - FlexCourt

Our easy-to-install, snap-together flooring is ideal for creating space for pickup games with friends at home. High-quality outdoor & indoor courts for basketball, volleyball and more! Or if you're looking for a more controlled climate, FlexCourt's Hardwood Prime, IndoorChoice™, and IndoorPrime™ are perfect for indoor sports and training.

Asphalt Paving Machines: Screeds & Asphalt Pavers | ...

Asphalt Paving Machines offers a broad range of asphalt paving equipment that competes in the rubber tire, steel track and rubber belted markets. Pavers and windrow elevators provide versatile and reliable solutions to demanding paving applications.

What is an Asphalt Berm? Asphalt ... - Asphalt Paving Denver

Asphalt berms, also known as curbs, are small hills or curved walls of asphalt that establish a boundary to your asphalt and provide a direction for runoff, so rain and ice don't accumulate all-around your property. An asphalt berm is normally 6 …

Asphalt Paving Operation - Purdue University

Asphalt Paving Operation. The subject of this term project was an asphalt paving process utilizing a paving machine and 20 tons capacity tri-axle trucks. The location of the process was at the corner of Main and Madison in Greenwood ( South of Indianapolis ). The project is being run by the Reith-Riley Construction Company.

Surfacing DetailsTotTurf - TotTurf | Surfacing Homepage

1/2 in pip over concrete / asphalt (rolled edge to fence / perimeter) detail-8 robertson 12-12-2016: detail 9: pip installation around chain: detail-9 robertson 12-12-2016: detail 10: pip step seam (color / design work) detail-10 robertson 12-12-2016: detail 11: 1/2 in re-top of existing pip installation: detail-11 robertson 12-12-2016: detail 12

Bigger and Better | Mix Equipment Magazine

Bigger and Better. The Milestone plant was built from the ground up with Astec's most advanced technology. Equipment. Jun 5th, 2017. Milestone's Indianapolis location features a Dillman Relocatable 600 TPH (544 MTPH) UniDrum plant. In the southern Indiana and Indianapolis area, the name Milestone carries a reputation for both high quality ...

civdot robot | Groundwork Group Construction Equipment Experts

civdot robot | Groundwork Group Construction Equipment Experts. CivDot is an autonomous rover that is designed to efficiently lay out survey points on your …


to make check tests of the asphalt received on the Project site, and if the asphalt is not in accordance with the certified analysis, he may reject the material. The asphalt required by these Specifications shall conform to the requirements of The Asphalt Institute for the type and grade shown below: Asphalt for Seal Coating CRS-2 or CRS-2P

E.T. Clancy Asphalt Plants for Sale

CMI 400-500 TPH Portable Parallel Flow Drum Mix Asphalt Plant. Ref ETC119PF. Portable six bin cold feed system. Portable 9'6" X 42' parallel flow drum mixer with recycle collar and Hauck SJ-580 burner. Portable Gencor 54,000 CFM baghouse. Click to View.