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storage of material or equipment or for on -Project Site fabrication of material to be used on the Project Site, including temporary locations. U-M Construction Safety Requirements 3 …

Daily Fall Protection Equipment Checklist

Daily Fall Protection Equipment Checklist Working at height in New Zealand WorkSafe April 17th, 2019 - Figure 2 The selection of work equipment linked to hierarchy of controls 1 While a harness is classified as PPE which is a minimisation control a total restraint system is more desirable than other minimisation controls and can be considered


The purpose of this checklist is to document pre-existing vehicle/equipment condition and to determine suitability for incident use. I hereby acknowledge full responsibility and liability for the operation and mechanical condition of the vehicle/ equipment described …

Safety & Health Checklist for the Roadway Construction ...

Safety & Health Checklist for the Roadway Construction Industry. buffer space. Remember, this separation is important for BOTH roadway traffic and ... and equipment? Construction vehicles and motorized equipment present a major hazard to highway construction …

Self-Inspection Checklist for Construction OSHA

OSHA Self-Inspection Checklist for Construction Protection from Falls The largest percentages of fatalities that occur each year are caused by falls. Personal Fall Arrest System (PFAS) Yes Needs Action Is the PFAS used to prevent falls from heights above 6 feet? Was the PFAS designed and installed by a qualified person to maintain a safety


CONSTRUCTION SAFETY AND HEALTH PROGRAM A. Does the project have a suitable Construction Safety and Health Program ... SAFETY ON CONSTRUCTION HEAVY EQUIPMENT A. Are all the heavy equipment operators assigned at the project site tested and Yes No Remarks Does the General Constructor have a system of authorizing the heavy ...


Construction Safety Plan 4 c) Asbestos Removal Work – Prescribed Activity - Irrespective of cost. d) Other High Risk Construction Activities (but not limited to): o Personnel entering trenches more than 1.5 metres in depth. o Use of explosives (excluding powder-actuated hand-held fastening

Heavy Equipment Daily Inspection Checklist

Heavy equipment should be inspected daily to prevent costly maintenance or accidents. Use this checklist to verify that your equipment is evaluated daily. As you warm up your equipment to proper running temperature, inspect these important factors. Tip: You also can use this checklist to prep equipment for long-term storage, if needed.

Forms, Checklists, and Training Certificates - Safety ...

OSHA Checklist for the Construction Industry This checklist has been compiled to aid those employers and employees who seek to comply with the Rules and Regulations of the Occupational Safety and Health Act. 49 Kb: Examination and/or test of hydraulic mobile cranes Form for this from All Crane Training …


EQUIPMENT DAILY CHECKLIST AND SAFETY INSPECTION FORM . FBP-OS-PRO-00025-F01, Rev. 3 Page 1 of 2 . NOTE: This form is not to be used for inspections of mobile/overhead cranes, powered industrial trucks, or aerial lifts.

Safety Staff Workbook

The Construction Safety & Injury Prevention Program (CSIP) has been made possible by the Susan Harwood Training Grant Program, which supports training and education programs for workers and employers on the recognition, avoidance, abatement, and prevention of safety …

Heavy Equipment Checklist

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EH&S Construction/Renovation Project Checklist

ehs_guidelines_for_design.pdf Remediation Will soil and/or groundwater be removed (e.g., excavated, moved or groundwater ... Construction Safety Has the Harvard University Construction EH&S Standard been incorporated by reference in RFP's, bid, and contract ... equipment safety.

29 CFR 1926 Safety and Health Regulations for Construction

Sections Subpart C—General Safety and Health Provisions §1926.20 General safety and health provisions. §1926.21 Safety training and education. §1926.23 First aid and medical attention. §1926.24 Fire protection and prevention. §1926.25 Housekeeping. §1926.26 Illumination. §1926.27 Sanitation. §1926.28 Personal protective equipment.

Health and safety in construction (HSG150)

Series code: HSG150. Download a free copy. - HSG150. (PDF) [1] [1] This third edition of Health and Safety in Construction explains the essential tasks for achieving healthy and safe construction sites. It helps the reader to identify hazards and control risks and explains how to plan, organise, control, monitor and review health and safety ...

Construction Safety Inspection Checklist

Checklist.doc Page 1 of 5 Construction Safety Inspection Checklist Instruction: Place next to each item that is satisfactory.Place Xnext to items with deficiencies.Mark deficiencies in COMMENTS section. Once corrected, record Corrective Action and Date next to item.

Pre-Construction Work Safety Checklist

Pre-Construction Work Safety Checklist JOB SITE INFORMATION Manager(s) Time/Date ... HEALTH AND SAFETY MANAGEMENT (CONTINUED) Equipment and Materials • Do you maintain the applicable inspection and maintenance certification records for operating equipment?

Construction OS&H Personal protective clothing & …

ILO Construction OS&H. A classification of eye and face protection equipment. Safety spectacles – can protect eyes from low energy impacts and depending on the lens characteristics glare, UV and IR radiation. Lenses usually made of toughened glass or polycarbonate. Available in a …

Construction Safety Inspection

Construction Industry Safety Checklist (A negative answer to any question indicates an area of safety or health concern.) Company name: Physical address of worksite: Supervisor: Date/Time: Inspector: Note: This checklist should be used only as a general guideline. You are encouraged to customize this checklist to accommodate your specific ...

Construction Checklist Template - 20+ Free Word, PDF ...

Construction is one of the busiest industries in a booming city. With lots of important things to monitor, such as safety and security, a checklist will come in handy to the contractor.This will ensure that no matter how busy this industry is, nothing would be left out and overlooked.

Construction Site Safety - NOAO



EH&S PPE Guidelines │ Occupational Safety & Health │ Revised 6/2020 │ │Page 3 of 40 REQUIREMENTS The Washington State Department of Labor and Industries (L&I) in WAC 296‐800‐160 Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) requires all employers to assess their workplace for hazards that might ...

Designing for Construction Safety: Concepts and Practice

structural engineer, and as a project engineer for a construction management firm. Dr. Gambatese has taught courses on construction contracts and specifications, construction safety and productivity improvement, planning and scheduling, structural analysis and design, temporary construction structures, and engineering economics.

Tool Box Talks: A year's worth of weekly Safety Meeting ...

Safety doesn't belong to any one construction craft; rather it is part of every construction craft to be responsible. If safety doesn't begin with you, it won't begin at all. An Individual's Responsibility . To yourself . To your family . To your co-workers . To your company. Additional Discussion Notes: (See Pages 6A and 6B)

The ABCs of construction site safety - Oregon

This guide consists of 28 "A-to-Z" workplace safety topics for construction-industry employers. Most topics include key construction-industry rules and summarize what you need to do to comply. If you are looking for a primer on our workplace safety and health rules for the construction industry, this guide is a good place to start.

Construction OS&H General plant & equipment

On earth-moving and materials -handling equipment, motors, brakes, steering gear, chassis, blades, blade -holders, tracks, wire ropes, sheaves, hydraulic mechanisms, transmissions, bolts and other parts on which safety depends should be inspected daily. Deck plates and steps of vehicles and equipment should be kept free from

Guide to Workplace Safety for Construction Sites

(JOSH) Committees and Safety Representatives within the construction sector. It is intended to bring together the most common pieces of legislation that apply to construction workplaces on Prince Edward Island to help ensure employers in the construction industry are in compliance and workers are protected from hazards on the job.

Personal Protective equiPment

OSHA 11 Personal Protective Equipment Personal Protective equiPment learning objectives By the end of this lesson, students will be able to: • List types of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) that can be used to protect the hands, face, head, eyes, and …

Heavy Equipment Checklist

Heavy Equipment Checklist Heavy Equipment Safety Starts With A Daily Check List September 11th, 2020 - Heavy equipment safety has become an important issue in the workplace Operators who have been in the industry for decades still do a walk around to inspect their equipment before starting a day's work The operator who just jumps in


construction checklist reference no: revision: 0 page:1 of 8 associated procedure: kga-073 construction site health and safety inspection checklist (this document must be completed by the principal contractor and signed by client contract project manager and eskom safety risk manager before start of works.) project client principal contractor

Construction Safety Inspection Checklist

Construction Safety Inspection Checklist HS95-063E(9/07) Texas Department of Insurance. Construction Safety ... Is equipment properly grounded to fuel trucks before refuel-ing? 13. "No smoking" signs posted and enforced? 14. Hydrants clear, access to public thoroughfare open?

SaMple Safety InSpectIon checklISt - Cengage

Safety InSpectIon checklISt This checklist can be used as a starting point. Some construction companies will not need a safety inspection checklist as comprehensive. Feel free to customize this checklist to fit your needs. Company Name _____

Construction Safety Inspection Checklist - MEMIC

GENERAL SAFETY . Impact style air tools have safety clips/retainers installed? General housekeeping is neat and orderly? Pneumatic power tools have hoses secured? Wall openings & floor holes are covered or gua rded? Portable circular saws equipped with protective guards? Rebar cabs used for protruding bars? Unsafe hand tools are prohibited ...